Can I put photos from the USB onto Facebook?


Yes! If you purchase the digital photos, you may put your photos on Facebook. If you do put your photos on Facebook or other social media websites, PLEASE let everyone know that your photos are from Erin Jensen Photography. This helps promote my business and it is MUCH appreciated! 

How long does it take for my photos to be edited?


 Generally, you can expect to be able to view your photos within 3 weeks after the session.

Can I print my digital photos?


Only if the full sized digitals with printing rights were purchased. If you want high quality prints that will be printed correctly, please order those through me. I cannot guarantee high quality if you purchase full sized digitals and print them on your own. Printing rights are NOT included with social media digitals. Scanning or photographing prints/products for re-print is prohibited. 

Can I split a senior portrait session into different seasons? 


Of course! BUT only for local sessions, unless you are willing to travel to me, or willing to pay mileage each time. Please let me know at the time of booking your first session if this is what you want to do, and we will schedule each part of the session. Since a normal senior session is 2 hours at most, we would divide two hours into however many sessions you want.  Since more sessions=more traveling and more time editing, an additional $40 is added onto each additional session. For example; a normal session is $200, and if you wanted to split your session into two sessions, the price would be $240+tax. 

When is the best time for newborn photos?


3-5 days after the baby is born is preferred. This is because they are sleepy, and we are able to get really great shots using awesome props and poses. If they are much older than this,  it may be difficult to get them into any poses, but it all depends on the baby. If birth complications arise, we will absolutely do the session later on, to give the momma and baby time to feel better. I am willing to do the shoot whenever you are available and feeling well!

Do you offer wedding services?


I have recently decided to take an extended break from doing weddings. This may change in the future. 

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