Can I post my photos to social media?


Yes! If you purchase the digital images, you may post your photos to social media. If you do put your photos on social media, please let everyone know that your photos are from Erin Jensen Photography. This helps promote my business and it is very appreciated! 

How long does it take for my photos to be ready to view?


You can expect to be able to view your photos within 3 weeks after the session.

Can I print my digital photos?


If you purchase the high resolution digitals, then yes, you can absolutely print the images on your own. Of course, if you want a guarantee that you will receive high quality prints, I am your lady for that! Every print and product I offer are top-of-the-line. Placing an order with me is easy-peasy!

Can I split a senior portrait session into different seasons? 

Of course! I love when seniors choose to have their photos taken during a couple different times of the year. It gives us more of a variety and allows us to take advantage of all the beautiful opportunities certain seasons can bring. There is an additional $40 charge for splitting the session into two (it covers the extra driving around and what-not). Also, I can only do this for local sessions. 


When is the best time for newborn photos?


Preferably when the baby is 4-7 days old...but depending on the circumstances, we can always do the session a little later. I do not recommend waiting more than 10 days. When they are brand-spankin' new, they are so much easier to work with. That is when we can pull off unique poses, get MORE photos, and end the session with everyone happy.  

Do you offer wedding services?


I love doing weddings, I have about 60 weddings under my belt and don't plan to stop there. Since I have small children,  I have taken an extended break from offering wedding photography. I am booking a small amount of weddings starting in 2022. If you're interested in my work for your wedding, please get ahold of me, I would love to chat about it!